Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let the beauty that we love be what we do ~Rumi

A beauty in ItselfImage by Torsten Hofmann via Flickr "Something beautiful happens when one gives. For a brief moment, the recipient and donor share space and time, either real or imagined, where both acknowledge a commonality, a connectedness that is part of our sense of humanity. Something tweaks the heartstrings of the giver, persuading him to part with hard earned dollars for the sake of a stranger. The beneficiary, in the act of asking, humbles herself, admitting an inability to survive without the kindness of strangers." . . read more at the GiveForward blog

GiveForward is a unique new tool that makes it simple and even fun for individuals and organizations to fundraise or donate online. Fundraisers, promote your causes with photos, videos, event calendars, and more! Donors, find projects you care about and give as little as $1 to as many causes as you like!
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