Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Internet is Key to Combating Poverty

Father and Son - The Cycle of Poverty ContinuesImage by uncultured via FlickrIt was Blog Action Day on the 15th of October - some 12000 bloggers joined in the conversation about Poverty.

Here's an interesting post from DailyBlogTip on how the 'internet is giving people their voice back'.

"The Internet is basically democratizing the access to information and making the world flat. Here is what Bill Gates once said about it, and which summarizes the point well:

"If you had a choice, thirty-five years ago, between being a B student in the Bronx or a genius born in Bangalore, there is no question; your life opportunities would be so much better if you were a B student in the Bronx. You could be a super-genius in Bangalore, but you really couldn’t translate that into anything. When the world is flat, it is just the opposite. You do not want to be a B student in the Bronx, because every genius in Bangalore can now plug and play more directly than ever.""

Read the full article at DailyBlogTips

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