Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spread the word for Charity

Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest, HungaryImage via WikipediaHotelsCombined are donating $20 to charity if you take the time to spread the word about their service on your blog!

You can choose to donate to WWF, Make a Wish or World Vision.

And all you have to do is give HotelsCombined a quick write up!

Don't have a blog? Become a fan of their Facebook Page and they will donate $5.

In September they donated $155 . . . How nice is that?

HotelsCombined is a unique search engine that consumers can use to find hotel availability and rates, and to compare prices and offers from multiple merchants. Using their service, you don't have to search websites one by one to find the best deals and lowest rates. HotelsCombined does that all for you!!

Once you find the supplier suitable for your needs, they link you through to the supplier website to book directly.

What's more, they aren't paid for your booking - so you get the full picture about each hotel before you book.

So, help them spread the word - and raise some funds for your favourite Charity!

I recommend Hotels Combined and sent $20 to WWF!

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