Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to spread the word for your cause

Friendships - IIImage by carf via FlickrThe internet is swimming with opportunities to raise money for the causes that move you. Its easy these days to get set up with a donation page at the likes of fundable.com, to set up a social network, blog or forum . . . but how do you get the word out that you exist? It doesn't matter how flash your web presence is, if you want to raise money you need people. And for most small non-profit organisations or individuals working within a tight (or non-existent) advertising budget it can seem a daunting task. But rest assured - it can be done!!

Here's a few ideas to help with your friendraising:

  1. Sign up to Twitter
    Twitter is a fantastic way to keep on top of what is happening in your area of interest - whether that be saving animals, ending poverty or stopping global warming. There is no end of interesting people to follow and its a great way to build a digital network of friends to spread the word for your cause.

    Visit Twitip for everything you need to know about using Twitter for maximum effect!

  2. Be an active participant in online forums
    Joining online forums and groups is another effective way to friendraise for your cause. Remember that its not enough to just join - you need to join in. Contribute to the conversation, share ideas, talk about the issues that move you. Don't be shy!!

    Care2 is a great starting place for networking with other passionate activists and givers for a whole range of causes.

  3. Link to other sites/blogs/fundraising pages
    Want to get your name out there? Comment on other people's blogs and websites in your area of interest, include links to other people's sites and articles, be a contributing member of the WWW.

    It may sound mercenary and feel a little shallow at first, but its all about building community and you can't do that without participating in the conversations that are out there!
What do you do to spread the word for your cause?

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