Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snags for Change

The good old down-under Sausage Sizzle goes digital!

World Vision Australia is holding a Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser online! You can build yourself a digital snag for only $3.00 and the money goes to help families in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda who are facing starvation.

This late 1960s photograph shows a seated, lis...According to the World Vision 'Snags for Change' website:

Malnutrition rates are rising while poverty and destitution are accelerating in communities across the world due to increased food prices and the impact of climate change. World Vision has launched an emergency appeal for the growing Global Food Crisis, focusing particularly on the urgent need for food in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Uganda (the Horn of Africa). This is a true crisis, it doesn't get much worse.

More than 12 million people across this region are affected, with 3 million children at risk of dying from starvation. There is a rising fear of famine if help doesn't reach those who need it now.

World Vision is actively working across these countries to provide: emergency food aid; supplementary feeding for malnourished children; water and sanitation facilities; seeds, tools and livestock for agricultural recovery. Your donation will help fund these vital projects.

To find out more about the Global Food Crisis and what World Vision is doing to help alleviate it click here.

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