Friday, April 24, 2009

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Got a special occasion coming up? Don't want to get another pair of socks or soap-on-a-rope? Why not post a dream at DreamBank so you can be sure of getting exactly what you want.

DreamBank provides a fun, easy way for you to receive your "dream" gift. It might be something really special to you like a trip, a course, piece of art or even a once in a lifetime experience. By posting a dream gift on, friends, family and fans can contribute for birthdays, housewarming, weddings, Christmas, pretty much any occasion or just because!

And to make it an even better idea, Dream Bank gives 10% of its net transaction revenue to charity. Dreamers are given a choice of organizations to associate with their dream. This acts as a vote and tells us how to divvy up the charity pot according to our Dreamers' wishes.

Dream Bank supports the African Wildlife Foundation, CARE, Doctors Without Borders, Kiva Microfinancing, Save the Children and the Global Greengrants Fund.
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