Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For the Love of Liz

Liz Logelin died on the 25th of March 2008, leaving behind her husband, Matt, and one day old daughter Madeline.

Matt Logelin had been writing a blog to keep friends and family up to date throughout Liz's pregnancy. He continued writing after her death and a supportive community of individuals formed around it. His blog became a place where he could share his joys, frustrations, sorrows and challenges. Where friends and well-wishers could offer support and where other widows and widowers could find friendship and comfort.

The Liz Logelin Foundation sprung from this community and has been created to offer assistance to families who find themselves in the heartbreaking, catastrophic situation of having lost a spouse, life-partner, and parent. The Foundation’s goal is to financially assist these families as they deal with the loss of their loved ones, and struggle to move forward.

You can help the Liz Logelin Foundation by joining their community of donors and donating $7 on the 7th to help families who have lost loved ones.

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