Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Choose Your Cause. Donate for Free.

Embedded giving is the (apparently) increasingly common practice of building a philanthropic gift into another, unrelated, financial transaction. For example, rounding up your phone bill to make a gift to charity. Or using your own grocery bag and donating the nickel that the store gives you to a local homeless shelter. Or using a specific search engine because it donates a small portion of its advertising revenue to charity.
- Lucy Bernholz

NeoAid is a way of making conscious decisions in your daily activities to benefit people and the planet.

Donations are generated when you search, shop, sign up for specials & freebies or use their free software. The money doesn't come out of thin air - the companies that Neoaid partners with pay Neoaid for directing customers to their site. NeoAid donates 90% of its net revenue to the charities its users choose to support. So far the donations NeoAid users have generated come to over $2900!

You get to choose which charities you support. Currently you can select from any one (or more) of seven non-profit organisations but in the future they intend to extend that!

Its easy to sign up - only takes a couple of minutes to be up and running generating donations for charity and it really doesn't cost you a thing!

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