Friday, July 31, 2009

5 Ways to Save the Elephants Online

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Whatever cause is close to your heart, there's a way to support it online.

I am a big softie when it comes to elephants. They seem so . . . well . . . human. They are intelligent, have highly complex social networks and are capable of showing empathy and self-awareness.

Elephants need plenty of space to survive - and unfortunately we humans are continually encroaching on their land, cutting off their access to water, and poaching them for their ivory. They need our help to survive!

Here are some great ways we can ensure the continued survival of Elephants:

1. Join the 'Be a Voice for Elephants' cause on Facebook. Invite all your friends - and download the causes toolbar so you can raise 1 cent for the charity Elephant Voices every time you do a search.

2. Help the IFAW save the elephants. They work to eliminate human-elephant conflicts, stop poaching and secure elephant habitats.

3. Sign up with Better the World and help the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy restore an old migratory route for Elephants in Kenya. You can also support them by joining their Facebook cause.

4. Donate at JustGiving to help save the last of the Mali Desert elephants. The worst drought in 26 years is threatening them with extinction. All the donations go to Save the Elephants.

5. Join the African Wildlife Foundation's Elephant Conservation Research Project. Join their cause on Facebook and download the causes toolbar to raise money for their work ensuring that we don't have to live in a world where Africa is without elephants!

Got any other great online ways to support Elephant conservation efforts? Share them in the comments!

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