Monday, September 7, 2009

Carnival of Digital Philanthropy Volume 9

Welcome to the September 7, 2009 edition of carnival of digital philanthropy.

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Meg A. presents Where to Get Your Books - Magazine - Be the Change Bookclub posted at Be the Change Bookclub. Be the Change Bookclub is a place for readers who care to discuss the books that matter and be inspired to make a difference!

Tom DeRosa presents 3 Ways to Use Microcredit to Invest Your Students posted at I Want to Teach Forever, saying, "I discovered Kiva in December of last year, and I'm trying to promote the idea of teachers and their schools using it in the classroom."

Cynthia Coleman presents Welcome to Applause For A Cause posted at Applause For A Cause.

Joe E presents 9 Incredibly Useful Charity Sites for Philanthropists posted at Huddle Up -'s Official Collaboration Blog, saying, "There are so many charities out there to choose from, so it's often hard to narrow down your search to find the perfect charity for you. Here is a great resource that can help you do just that..."

That's it for September's edition.

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