Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Future HOPE Project

Being a new Mum is hard work. Being a new Mum in a developing country can be particularly challenging. In Uganda AIDS, hunger, and diseases wreak havoc on new mothers and their babies daily. Statistics show that 76 reported infants out of every 1,000 born alive in Uganda will die before their first birthday and 137 children will die before their 5th birthday.

You can make a difference by helping to provide some basic needs for new Ugandan mothers at the Mugusu S/C Maternity Ward.

The Future HOPE project is working with Hope Aid International to send care packages to Uganda to help babies get off to a bright start. You can help by donating money, or by sending a care package to the Future HOPE Project.

Care Packages should include:

3 cloth diapers
6 diaper pins
2 plastic diaper covers
1 receiving blanket
1 small travel size baby powder
1 pacifier
1 bar of baby soap

Click here for more details of where to send them and how to donate to the Future HOPE Project.
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