Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shop till You Drop (and help Charities) this Christmas

PresentsImage by Alice Harold via Flickr

Better The World is a great platform of tools that allows anyone to raise money for charity just by surfing the internet. On these tools ads are shown; as an added bonus the ads are all from companies that have social responsibility programs, social products and services, have products of interest to BTW members, or are non-profits.

Members then pick a cause they care about and, since Better The World is a social enterprise, 90% of all the ad revenue we raise goes directly to the charities themselves (the other 10% is used to keep the lights on, pay the staff etc).

In the past few months BTW members have:
  • Provided 2 nights of shelter for a person in need
  • Paid to send a child to school for a year
  • X-rayed a child with a broken arm
  • Bought milk to feed an orphaned rhino for a month
  • Provided counselling sessions to a woman escaping violence
  • and more . . .
This Christmas Better the World have another easy way for you to give to charity for free. The EZ Shopping Widget.

All you have to do is download the EZ Shopping Widget once - and then shop online as you normally do. Easy! You get to avoid the crowds in town, buy from your favourite online retailers - and give to charity at no extra cost to you!!

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