Friday, October 8, 2010

No One is Too Small to Make a Difference

The Tipping Bucket is out to change the equation of philanthropy and prove that $1 can change the world.

A few people with some big ideas plus lots of people with big hearts and a little money equals a changed world!

Projects go into the bucket one at a time, each with their own financial tipping point and a deadline. Users add drops to the bucket - one click equals $1. If the bucket tips before time runs out, the money is collected from donors and the project moves ahead. If not none of the donations are collected and the next project in line has its turn in the bucket.

The project as I write is Sheep for Peace.  The project will provide 2 female adult sheep to 5 of the poorest women in the community of Beit Sira in the West Bank, so they can produce milk and cheese, and with time baby sheep and male sheep that they can sell or use to expand their herd. As the sheep and herd constitutes a sustainable source of support for the families and the village, the lifestyle of the families will improve and start a virtuous cycle for the entire community by adding opportunities of revenue.

Check out the latest project at The Tipping Bucket and add your drop!!