Saturday, December 18, 2010

Send a holiday card that gives back with Citizen Effect and Snapfish

This is a guest post from Andi Narvaez of Citizen Effect.

If you are still looking for holiday gifts you don’t need to resort to generic gift cards. Check out Citizen Effects Holiday Harvest cards by Snapfish and send your friends and loved ones a gift that will put food on the table for communities in need this season.

Click “give a card” above and choose the region of the world you want to support. Then add your personal message and Snapfish will send the card to your friend or loved one so you can tell them you made a gift in their name to solve the hunger crisis.

You can choose to support projects that feed communities in Callao, Peru, Gujarat, India, Cloetesville, South Africa, and the Gulf Coast, United States. We will share updates on the impact your project is having on the community for years to come.

Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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