Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Giving to Charity can Help you Feel Richer

XINING, CHINA - OCTOBER 12:  A Muslim child gi...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeWhen we feel that we don't have enough to share, its easy to justify a little selfishness. Its hard enough to look after our own families in these uncertain times, let alone trying to help anyone else, right? So we choose not to give to charity for now. We'll do it when we get a payrise, or the economy picks up, or when the kids leave home . . .

Brent Kessel, author of Its Not About the Money, stated in a recent interview
Many of us think, when I have enough, then I'll be generous. The irony can't be giving money away and feel like you don't have enough. The act itself changes the message you tell yourself.
The time to be generous is NOW. We need to manage our money mindfully and make giving a priority in our budgets. By being grateful for the things we have and working to cultivate a mindset of abundance we allow ourselves to contribute more to the people and causes that need our help.

If we all give what we can spare, no matter how small an amount, then together we can make a difference.
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