Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Philanthropy is Going Digital

Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post wrote:
"...the Internet is definitely energizing philanthropy and changing the way that we give. According to the ePhilanthropy Foundation, online donations have skyrocketed, going from $250 million in 2000 to close to $7 billion in 2006."

Its not surprising really. The internet just makes it so easy. Whether you have funds to give or you're a fundraiser, there is something out there for you.

Here's a round up of the great stuff online for Digital Philanthropists:

  • If you need help deciding who to give to . . . Let the Donation Dashboard help you choose.
  • Are you a non-profit needing software to manage your fundraisers and keep up with your donors? Try Kimbia!
  • Are you a Woman with money to give? Take a look at the Women's Funding Network and Women Moving Millions .
  • Love Ebay? You'll love it even more if you take a look at Mission Fish - a fun way to fundraise or to give.
  • Want to be a bit retro and hold a raffle? Visit TicketPrinting.com and get some eyecatching raffle tickets printed. You can even design your own!
  • Be sure your donation really is going to a good cause with UniversalGiving. They connect donors and volunteers with top-performing, quality organizations all over the world.
What are your favourite tools for online giving?

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MommyTime said...

Thank you so so much for putting the Literacy Challenge widget up there. I very much appreciate it. This is a wonderful site. I will certainly be back to see what other great ideas you have and organizations you know about.