Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Create an ammado giving circle

ammado is an online community set up to connect non-profits, individuals and companies that want to effect change at a global and local level.

Unlike similar communities such as Razoo, ammado is truly global in that non-profits do not have to be US based and registered. This means if you live outside the USA you can support your local sports club, favourite local charity organisation or local school. Of course, this also means there is a much wider range of non-profit organisations for Digital Philanthropists to choose from.

A recent press release sums up how it works:
Now fully live the ammado giving circle enables people from around the globe to conduct all their giving and cause-related activities from one central space. ammado members start their ammado giving circle by donating to one of the many participating nonprofits on ammado. The minimum contribution is €4, or its equivalent in 32 other currencies. Whatever the donor’s giving budget is, he can “slice and dice” or divide it between his favourite ammado nonprofits (charities, sports clubs, schools, universities), thus benefiting multiple organisations simultaneously. ammado members can also set up recurring donations from their profiles with the flexibility to change the recipients and the giving amount every month. Donating on ammado is not exclusive to ammado members, as non members can also make once-off donations through the platform.

All nonprofits, big or small, regional, national or international can join ammado for free. Amnesty International was one of the first to join. Colm Ó Cuanacháin former Chairperson of Amnesty International’s International Executive Committee, explains why: “ammado will change how people think about the web. It will be the fulcrum that all organisations, groups and individuals use for leverage to achieve their vision for the world. ammado will be a space where communities can organise, will provide the tools and techniques needed to campaign and the audiences and activists that can make change happen."
The community management team at ammado verifies that all nonprofits are who they say they are and that they adhere to the ammado Nonprofit Policy, so you can be sure that your donations go to the people you intended them for.

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