Saturday, November 8, 2008

Save the Planet & Win

Global Warming - the EvidenceImage by focalplane via FlickrSave the Planet and Win are on a mission:
To reduce greenhouse gases in a fun way, so that anyone can obtain carbon offsets in order to minimize global warming and help fight climate change collectively, as well as supporting social responsibility on-demand initiatives, in order to build a better world.
And how are they making it fun?

Well, by offering you some choice rewards for viewing sponsors ads. Its kind of altruism meets consumerism.

Every time you view an ad at Save the Planet and Win you will:
- Neutralize your Carbon Footprint - Earn real-live Cash
- Support Social Causes with Sponsor money - Enter for a chance to win the Grand Cash Prize

Sign up is free - so join up, tell your friends and do good for the planet . . . and for you!

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