Sunday, March 15, 2009

Help Turn the Tide on Global Deforestation

Rainforest near Belles - Dominica, W.I.Image via Wikipedia

The "Replant The Rainforests" pilot program is launching this year! Created by the Eco Preservation Society, the pilot program's goal is to raise $1 Million by April 25th, 2009 to begin the process of creating Sustainably Managed, Permanent Rainforest Habitats around the world and to prepare for the launch of the 2010 ten year goal program, "Turning The Tide".

Sponsorship funds raised during the 2009 pilot program support the following Sustainably Managed, Permanent Rainforest Habitat projects:

Project: Reforesting Costa Rica's Playa El Rey - Cause: Saving Mono Titi

Project: Borneo Reforestation - Cause: Habitat for Displaced Orangutans

Project: Belize Plantation Reforestation - Cause: Save the Jaguar

You can contribute by taking part in the 'Earth Day Birthday' campaign. Its an ambitious goal, but if we all donate a small amount together we can effect change on a grand scale! Donate today, or simply spread the word.

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