Monday, April 20, 2009

Fruit for All

Fruit on treeImage via Wikipedia

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is a unique charity with the goal of encouraging and inspiring the planting of 18 billion fruit trees around the world.

Their vision is to provide healthy nutrition for communities by planting trees that provide edible fruits, nuts, leaves or roots.

But its not all about the food. The fruit trees will be planted alongside other native trees and plants to help improve the soil and the air, to address erosion issues and attract water.

"While our ultimate vision is one of overall ecological harmony, incorporating a great number of elements for a self-sustaining world, we chose to name ourselves “The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation” to ensure that as our efforts continue, with the help of those who join us, we will be united in the goal to heal the planet and nourish future generations by planting fruit trees.

We envision a place where one can have a summer picnic under the shade of a fruit tree, breathe the clean air it generates, and not have to bring anything other than an appetite for the healthy fruits growing overhead. A world where one can take a walk in the park during a lunch break, pick and eat a variety of delicious fruits, plant the seeds so others can eventually do the same and provide an alternative to buying environmentally-destructive, illness-causing, chemically-laden products."

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