Friday, April 17, 2009

The 12 for 12k Challenge

The 12 for 12k challenge is a social media experiment that aims to raise $144,000 in 2009.

The concept is simple:

12 months of the year
12 charities - a different one each month
$12,000 per charity.

So far they have supported Stop the Silence & War Child and raised over $15,500 for Share Our Strength in March.

In April they are fundraising for with the Mom It Forward network.

Yehu is a microfinance organization in the rural coastal region of Kenya for the poor, run by the poor. It provides financial and other support services for small businesses owned by very poor people.

Yehu operates in conjunction with Choice Humanitarian, an international NGO specializing in village development. Yehu was created based on the principles and procedures of the world-renowned Grameen Bank.

Yehu mission is to empower poor rural entrepreneurs in Kenya to help lift themselves out of poverty. This is done through enhanced accessibility to sustainable financial services, business opportunities, and skills training.

As well as normal donations, the 12 for 12k Challenge will be running a host of special events throughout April. These include virtual pajama parties, 24-hour fund-raising marathons and perhaps the most exciting event - international charity meet-ups.

Cities across the U.S., Canada and Australia will be hosting live events on April 18. These will be a mix of fun, drinks, socializing, prizes, silent auctions and much more. The 12for12k events will be held in San Diego, Toronto and Sydney (Australia), with more hosted by Mom It Forward.

Visit The 12 for 12k Challenge for more info or donate with ChipIn below.

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