Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take Action Tuesday: Eat so They Can

Take Action Tuesday - its all about finding things that you can DO to make a difference. Today, why not organise a Dinner Party and help feed children around the world who are living in poverty?!

Eat So They Can is an international fundraiser that invites citizens of the world to participate in what is collectively one huge dinner party October 17-18, 2009.

People from all over the world will host a meal and ask their friends and family members to make a donation towards ending child poverty. All donations will go towards GVN (Gobal Volunteer Network) Foundation's Global Children's Fund set up to aid children living in poverty. The money will assist with both short term needs and long-term development projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Peru.

Please sign up to host a dinner party here

GVN Foundation is an international charity that is working to end child poverty around the globe and has recently been granted special cunsultative status by the United Nations.

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