Monday, October 12, 2009

1% Can Change the World

It doesn't take a lot to change the world. With as little as 1% of your yearly income you could help end global poverty or reverse the environmental impact of consumerism. For most of us, giving just $1 out of every $100 we earn won't make a noticeable difference to our own standard of living, but when put together with the donations of others our $1 can truly change the world!

My 1 Percent is a community that exists to help individuals reverse their environmental impact and save the planet. It is launching this month, October 2009, and will help you donate a portion of your yearly income to a network of environmentally focused non-profit organisations.

One of the features of My 1 Percent that I really love is that you can set yourself an annual donation goal and track your progress against it. You can make one off donations or set up recurring donations - which will make achieving your annual goal easier.

Sign up for updates and join the My 1 Percent community when it launches this month!
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