Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sublime Sunday: Paradise in the Middle of the City

In this age of instant gratification and short term thinking, its rare to find an organisation with a 500 year vision. The Karori Sanctuary Trust is just such an organisation.

In 1995 they began work on the worlds first, fully-fenced, mainland 'conservation island' in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand. Their vision is to restore this 225ha corner of the country as closely as possible to the way it was the day before humans arrived.

The beautiful Karori Sanctuary is home to endangered native flora and fauna living wild. It is open to the public 364 days of the year. A true conservation masterpiece.

Karori Sanctuary Trust is a not-for-profit community conservation charity. The 8.6km pest-proof fence around Zelandia costs NZ$12,000 a year to maintain. You can help with their conservation and ecological restoration work by simply visiting Zealandia (The Karori Sanctuary), by adopting a fence post, adopting an acre of the Sanctuary, or getting your hands dirty and volunteering!

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