Thursday, December 24, 2009

Celebrate the Five Days of Twixtmas

Everyone is being encouraged to celebrate a new name on the holiday calendar and do five good things during the five days of ‘Twixtmas’(December 27-31) – to transform the time between Christmas and New Year.

Each of the five days of Twixtmas is themed where people are invited to celebrate themselves, do something unselfish, by celebrating others, do something for a friend, for the planet, or for their future.

To spread the Twixtmas cheer people are being encouraged to give their friends and family a ‘Merry Twixtmas High Five’ hand greeting and share their Twixtmas pledge - the five things they are doing to change their world, as well as spread the word about Twixtmas and what it stands for.

Valuable tips and advice from leading experts in well-being - so everyone make the most of the Twixtmas opportunity – are offered on where visitors can also download their own Twixtmas Pledge form.

The idea for Twixtmas celebrations is being promoted by the Flexible Thinking Forum, a new not-for-profit social enterprise which works to provide training for more creative and flexible thinking among businesses and organizations.
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