Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Clear-Out

Merry Christmas!!

If the season of giving has left you with extra clutter, a jumble sale is a great way to restore some order the the chaos!

JumbleAID is an online jumble sale that lets you give your unwanted stuff to raise money for your favourite charity.  Of course it also lets you pick up great secondhand goods in return for a donation to a worthy charity organisation.

How does JumbleAID work?


  • If you have an unwanted item that you wish to use to raise funds for your favourite charity you just list it on the site and you put the amount you would like the item to raise.
  • You can list it as ‘Get it now’ or for a set period of time, after which, you select the winner who pays the money via the site – then it’s just a matter of collecting or delivering the item.


  • If you fancy an item on the site you simply place your sealed bid.
  • If successful you make your payment and then organise collection or delivery.


All payments are made into a Charities Trust Account. Charities Trust process all donations and distribute the funds to the nominated charities.

Not a penny of any donation goes to JumbleAID. 

So get to it - sort out your Christmas clutter today and raise money for your favourite charity!
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