Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 Cool Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Make a Difference

Want to make a difference but don't have time to spend all day doing it?  Check out these 5 quick actions you can take right now to help some great causes:
  1. Earn World Shares and Donate Them to Charity
    Sign up to Mother Nature Network's World Shares programme - and next time you're catching up on your green news take the time to share an article, make a comment or sign up for a newsletter (among other actions) to earn World Shares that let you make donations to some very deserving charities.
  2. How to Make a Difference Toolbar
    Download the How to Make a Difference toolbar - every time you use it you're helping raise money for SALVEASERRA and funding their efforts to restore the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.
  3. Care2's Butterfly Rewards
    If you're not a member of Care2 already sign up (it only takes a few minutes) and earns you 200 Butterfly points straight away.  You can also earn Butterfly Rewards points by leaving comments, sending e-cards and e-mails and searching the web.  In fact, there are 17 ways to earn points!  And you can redeem them to help fund a loan on Kiva, provide safe drinking water, and feed abandoned cats (along with a few other great causes).
  4. Take Action on Social Vibe
    It only takes a minute or two to help a friend raise money for their favourite charity on Social Vibe.  Or you can sign up yourself and recruit your own network of friends to support a cause you care about.
  5. Join 'Mum's Making a Difference'
    If your a Mum and a blogger, then The Mom Bloggers Club is a great place to be.  Take a few moments to sign up and then join the 'Mum's Making a Difference' group and start friendraising for your cause and helping other Mum Bloggers spread the word about the causes that move them!