Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birth Stories for Embrace

I remember the births of both my girls with a clarity that surprises me - especially given my propensity to forget other important things like my wedding anniversary or to return library books! 

Both my girls were born by cesarean.  My oldest, because she was breach and there was no one willing to deliver her any other way.  And the youngest, because she just took too long to do her thing.  Which was ironic given that she showed up a week earlier than we were expecting and in the middle of the night!

My baby girls both arrived in tip top condition.  They were robustly healthy, starving, loud and gorgeous from the get go.

But, that isn't the case for everyone.  There are some 20,000,000 low-birth-weight and premature babies born each year.  And 450 of them die each hour.  This is a truly heartbreaking statistic - made even more so by the fact that this is a very preventable tragedy.

Primarily, these deaths occur in developing countries, where modern medical technology is unavailable.  One of the main problems these babies face is hypothermia as they are unable to regulate their body temperature.  An incubator could save many of these babies - but they are expensive, and in developing nations many rural areas don't have electricity available to run them - even if they could afford them.

And this is where the Embrace Infant Warmer comes in.  Embrace is a non-profit organisation that has developed an innovative infant warmer that requires no electricity and helps vulnerable babies survive and thrive in developing countries.

You can help save the lives of these most vulnerable and precious lives by sending an Embrace Tribute Card to someone you love.  Your $25 donation will go towards providing a reusable infant warmer to a baby who needs it.

Join with these wonderful people to share your birth story and help spread the word about the fabulous Embrace Infant Warmer.
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